B. J. Adams
Artist Statement

The ECLECTIC category:

My work seems to spiral in different directions at regular intervals. Instead of working in a straight line from one theme to another my creative mind finds it necessary to try other or parallel avenues

The thought that there is a universal need to find more beautiful and useful ways to recycle many objects, in this use and toss society, brought into realization ONCE READ, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN created with recycled paper back books.

Often a commission will lead my work to a different path. Some feel that commissioned work stifles the creative impulse. I've found that these challenges, opening new options, push me into areas of exploration I might never have discovered. Invitational and themed, as well as social issues exhibits offer a similar artistic challenge.

As Paul Foxton said,
“You can accelerate your development by giving yourself a fresh set of challenges, on the same set, viewed from a different angle, everyday. Explore a different path…..if it’s a dead end, explore another.“

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